Lactation Services

As a certified lactation counselor, I provide two hour individual sessions to lactating mothers in the comfort of their own homes. The fee for one session is $50, and an additional charge may be required for travel of more than 30 miles. 

For my doula clients, lactation services are included with doula services.

I am happy to provide technical, practical, and emotional support to mothers who are experiencing breastfeeding problems, having trouble adjusting to a breastfeeding lifestyle, and/or are planning to return to work.

DSC_5056eI work within my scope of practice and am specifically trained to work with the following:

• helping a baby latch on

• counseling mothers

• knowledge of milk production

• practical feeding

• feeding difficulties

• prevention and management of sore nipples

• breastfeeding and returning to work or school

If, during our session, I feel that you are facing difficulties beyond my scope of practice, I will refer you to a trusted IBCLC who has further training in resolving breastfeeding challenges and problems.

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