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My husband and I used Daphne for the bith of our first child and could not have been MORE pleased. I wasn’t sure what to expect, with it being my first child, and was honestly a little nervous. Daphne helped tremendously with my anxiety and answered every question that came up along the way. She kept me so calm during delivery and helped ease the pain 100%. My husband and I both agreed we will use Daphne for the birth of our next child. Worth EVERY penny!


Posted 5/31/2018


Our experience with Daphne was nothing but positive and professional. We often reflect back to our delivery and birth experience and say “We couldn’t have done it without Daphne!!”.  As a first time mom, it was important to me to have an advocate in the delivery room for me. I did not have that relationship with my doctors at my OBGYN and since you do not know who your nurses will be it made me feel better knowing I had Daphne by my side.  It was such a great decisison!  She was the constant, supportive presence I needed as a first time mom throughout pregnancy and my delivery.  She was always responsive, positive, open and supportive of what I / we needed that day and leading up to that day.  There was no issue having her there plus the nurses and doctor.  They were so busy that day I think I would have felt very isolated with her.  My labor was long (22 hours) and we had to do some interventions, but she was supportive and calm throughout the entire process. Ultimately I delivered vaginally which was my goal and we have a happy and healthy baby girl! I highly recommend Daphne!


Posted 5/10/2018


My husband and I had the pleasure of having Daphne alongside us for the birth of our first baby! She was recommended to us by a friend who had just hired her for their 2nd birth. She was a wealth of information, putting my husband & I’s worries away about delivery day! The meetings before the birth were extremely helpful with any questions we had and just getting to know each other. I had to be induced days before my due date and immediately called Daphne for advice. She was there for us at the hospital that day to offer advice and answer any questions/concerns we had about my being induced. She returned the next day when I was finally going into labor. She was very helpful with speaking to the doctors/nurses if we needed her to. It was great for her to be with us during this time because people don’t tell you how much you will be alone in the room with no nurses or doctors around. I decided on a natural birth with no drugs. I could not have done that without her. She was such a calm in the room. I had closed myself off to focus on labor pains and she worked with my husband to make me comfortable, moving me in different positions, getting me anything I needed, etc. My husband has Type 1 Diabetes, so having her there in case he needed to take care of himself was so wonderful for me. I don’t know how to describe what I went through going natural, but Daphne was supportive, strong & amazing to have during the birth to help us both through.

I would recommend her without any doubt in my mind! She was also a wealth of knowledge in the last meeting a week or so after the birth of our son answering any questions I had that came up during our first week at home.


Posted 2/12/2018


Daphne was wonderful to have at our side during the birth of our child. I was finishing up my last year of grad school, so I did not have time to devote to childbirth training classes or reading books on childbirth. When I learned about doula services, I knew that hiring a doula was the right thing for us. At our first meeting, I was impressed by Daphne’s breadth of experience in the delivery room. I felt like she would be able to offer support for almost anything that could happen. I was also impressed by her accounts of advocating for each mother. Since I don’t stand up for myself as much as I should sometimes, especially under stress, I felt less pressure to acquiesce to other people with Daphne there, and I was able to stay focused on what I was there to do — deliver my baby. Both Daphne’s knowledge and advocacy contributed to my positive birth experience. Daphne also really listens to what you want for your birth, even if that changes in the midst of the delivery. For example, I had planned to go without medication if I could, but after being induced with a foley bulb, a lot of pitocin, and finally having my water broken, the pain was so intense, I chose to have an epidural. She didn’t try to talk me into it or out of it, but rather supported my husband and me through pain management and then supported us through the process of getting an epidural. I would not have made it as far as I did without an epidural if Daphne had not been there. And once I was relieved of the pain and had to wait for quite a long time for the baby to drop, she sat with me and conversed with me about all sorts of things while my husband took a break and got something to eat. Simply put, Daphne was there for us in every way possible throughout our experience. She asserted herself when necessary and backed off when appropriate. A birth that could have resulted in some guilt or traumatic memories turned into a really positive experience. I am so grateful for her support.


Posted 1/22/2018


Daphne Flowers is an AMAZING birth doula that I highly recommend to anyone.  As a 40+ woman, I felt like I was being boxed into the “advanced maternal age” label, leaving me feel a little scared and frustrated.  In our prenatal appointments, Daphne gave me reassurance and served as my cheerleader in the prenatal period and, in particular, during my birth.  My birth plan was to have my baby at a birth center.  With a sudden onset of hypertension at 39.5 weeks, however, I was immediately admitted into Wake Med Cary hospital to be induced.  This was NOT what I expected and the opposite experience that I had with my daughter (a planned home birth) six years ago.  Needless to say, I was terrified and uncomfortable in my new setting.  My birth experience (pitocin and early breaking of my amniotic sac) ended up being extremely fast and furious.  I am quite sure that without Daphne’s support (calm and strong with me; direct and smart with the medical professionals), I would not have been able to get through the process without an epidural.  She took appropriate comfort measures when I needed them, and was quick (scary quick!!) to intuit what I needed and expressed that to the medical staff.  I am so grateful to Daphne for her service.  Thanks to her, I had my son, Joshua Arlo, 8 lbs 4 oz, without pain meds.  Daphne made the absolute possible best of a situation that had left me feeling out of water.  Daphne’s post partum care was wonderful as well, she was extremely helpful in referring me to a terrific lactation consultant when I needed some help.  Thank you, Daphne, for everything!  And if you are reading this as a potential client of Daphne’s, I recommend her whole-heartedly, 100%!!


Posted 1/18/2018


Daphne was our doula for our baby born in February 2017.   She is very professional and knowledgable. During our two appointments before I gave birth, Daphne was able to answer my questions and empower me so that I had the birth that I wanted.  During the birth, she was punctual and prepared. I felt at ease with her. She helped me find the right positions so that the pain was manageable.  She was also very encouraging and worked very well with my husband and the medical staff.  My husband and I thought she was very effective in helping us communicate with our doctor and nurses and make our concerns heard.  After the birth, she took pictures for us and stayed around until we were ready to rest.  We saw her again for a follow-up visit. She was great at that visit too. I highly recommend her.


Posted 8/6/2017


Daphne was warm and comforting, her experience and list of resources made a huge difference in both my birthing experience and postpartum as well. If you’re looking for a doula who is more like a friend or family, then consider Daphne as your choice. Her knowledge and advice can guide you through anything!


Posted 7/22/2017


Daphne Flowers is a wonderful doula!  She is very knowledgeable and great at what she does.  From her visits before my son’s birth until my son’s delivery, my husband and I always felt like we were in great hands.  Daphne was certainly a calming presence during labor and was successful in helping me to find positions that helped to alleviate some of the contraction pain.  She is very calm and soothing and is a wonderful advocate for her patients in the delivery room. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. One thing that I liked the most about Daphne is that she encourages you to have the birth and birth plan that you want with no judgement passed. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her services again.


Posted 7/21/2017


Daphne was wonderful! From our initial consultation to her calming presence in the delivery room, she guided us through having our first child so that we could have peace of mind and a more positive birthing experience. My husband took a class on helping with laboring positions, but everything he learned went right out the window when my contractions started! Daphne knew exactly what to do and what would alleviate my discomfort, while allowing my husband to have the role of being by my side while she helped with the ‘heavy lifting’. Daphne was well worth the investment and I highly recommend her. She’s knowledgeable, experienced, kind, approachable, non-judgmental, and will be your greatest advocate in ensuring your birth plan goes the way you intend it to. Ultimately, for reasons beyond our control, I had to have a c-section, but Daphne made sure we explored all options beforehand and was helpful in explaining the process and what would happen. She goes above and beyond!


Posted 7/17/2017


Daphne was a part of my pregnancy journey from early on when I was seeking positive support starting with my first trimester anxiety. She was supportive and encouraging and someone I could rely on when I was having a hard day. As my pregnancy progressed, Daphne offered support when I needed an external version to flip my breech baby and of course was present during labor and the birth of our second baby girl. Daphne has an easy going personality and she is also a wonderful listener and genuinely cares for her clients. She was also a tremendous help to my husband by giving him some relief during labor and helping him feel at ease when he would get anxious. Daphne always made us feel heard, valued, and she was an advocate for us with other healthcare professionals that we interacted with. I would highly recommend her for any client seeking a doula who will be optimistic, empathetic, and a positive presence throughout pregnancy and childbirth!

Posted 2/20/2017



I loved having Daphne as my postpartum doula. She was compassionate, super helpful and knowledgeable, and always happy to lend a hand wherever we needed it. Some days I just needed to chat about postpartum life with a new baby, sometimes she offered referrals and advice regarding breastfeeding, other days she helped the baby nap so that I could shower (and that’s just a few of the ways that she helped us). Overall she was a source of great support, and I am so grateful for her!

Posted 2/10/2017



Stop looking, you have found your doula! That’s how my husband and I felt the first time we met with Daphne. We instantly liked her and felt she would be the perfect person to support us for the birth of our second son. She is very friendly and exudes calm and strength, exactly what we were looking for.

My first birth was 36 hours and traumatic. Daphne spent a lot of time with us that first meeting talking through what happend and making suggestions. If only we had hired her the first time! After determining our preferences, she recommended a few books which she lent to us. She also sent examples of birth plans. She’s a great resource, always available via e-mail or text. The second meeting was about different positions/techniques for comfort. It was so reassuring to feel like we were prepared, like we had tools at our disposal and the perfect person to guide us.

The birth was amazing. Daphne came over when I called her, then accompanied us to the hospital. I remember when we were checking in she told the nurse how zen I was through contractions. That statement gave me strength; I was doing it! Daphne offered direction for positioning as well as counterpressure, keeping me on track and allowing me to reach my goal. We had a healthy baby with no medication or intervention. She even took invaluable pictures: the first time I saw my son, me cutting the cord, big brother’s first time seeing the baby. Daphne stayed to make sure baby was able to breastfeed and we were settled.

Our folloow up meeting was a great way to end this wonderful experience. Daphne came to our house and reviewed the process with us, answering any questions we had.

Bottom line, if you are undecided, hire a doula. If you are hiring a doula, work with Daphne. She’s the best and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without her.

Posted 1/25/2017



Thanks to Daphne, I had smooth labor and delivery, free of any problems. I did not need any medications or painkillers before or after delivery, and Daphne played a big part in this success!

Through my pregnancy, my husband and I met with Daphne a few times to get to know her and to develop our birth plan. She was always very supportive, attentive, and available. I was in touch with her while I labored at home, and we decided together when the right time was for her to come over. I was experiencing pain in my lower back, indicative of the baby being in the posterior position, and Daphne knew a series of positions that I could do to help my baby turn. As soon as we finished these positions, my back pain went away! She knew other techniques to help me be more comfortable through contractions. Our labor at home with Daphne was so successful that I was fully dilated when we got to the hospital, and our son was born within two hours!

I couldn’t have ordered a more perfect birth experience, and I credit much of it to Daphne. Thank you so much, Daphne! We plan to have another child, and we will definitely be calling her again for her services.

Posted 1/12/2017



My husband and I are so happy we decided to hire Daphne! Throughout my pregnancy, we had discussed whether we thought we wanted to work with a doula but we never really made a decision until on our due date, I panicked about the thought of labor and sent out a cry for help. Despite the late notice, we were able to meet with a few doulas (yes, on our due date) and decided Daphne’s personality was the right fit. She met us the next day for a consultation, and I went into labor that night so she met us at the hospital the next morning. Possibly the shortest doula relationship ever! However, Daphne was amazing at reading our personalities despite knowing us for literally 2 days. She knew exactly how to facilitate communication with the nurses to ensure we were as comfortable as possible with everything that was happening. She was great at reading the situation and providing the humor or seriousness that was needed to get us through the moment. We found her presence very calming. She was also very supportive of whatever we decided was the best course of action for us which ended up being an epidural. We can’t say enough about Daphne’s flexibility given our very last minute situation. And her ability to tune into our personalities and needs after having talked to us for a total of 2 hours was amazing. If we decide to have any more children, we will definitely contact her as soon as we know we are pregnant! Thank you, Daphne, for helping to make our birth experience so positive!

Posted 4/21/2016



We hired Daphne Flowers as our Doula after getting a recommendation from a friend and my chiropractor for her services. We hired at the beginning of my pregnancy (around the second month- September 2015). Daphne was incredibly supportive throughout my entire pregnancy. We met with her on 3-4 different occasions during the pregnancy to discuss topics related to the pregnancy and labor and delivery. It was so nice having access to her, because anytime I needed more information regarding something related to the pregnancy or labor/delivery, she was able to point me in the direction of where to get accurate and reliable medical Information. She never tried to insert her opinion too strongly and wanted my birth to be my experience, she was just there to support me and my husband. We don’t know what we would have done without her during my actual labor and delivery. She was there to support me, guide me through the labor process, and helped to make my labor as comfortable as possible. Her and my husband worked great together and made sure I had everything that I needed during the labor and delivery. She is wonderful and we don’t know what we would have done without her. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone out there who is considering a doula :)!!

Posted 4/18/2016



My husband, Joe, and I decided to hire a doula for our first birthing experience because we weren’t exactly sure what to expect and we were blessed to work with Daphne Flowers. When we met to develop a labor/birth plan she helped us to feel more comfortable with a lot of daunting decisions. From her experience, she is very familiar with the differences among the hospitals and birth centers in the area and that she also is prepared for each step of labor and any “curve” balls that may be thrown your way during that time.

Her knowledge, advocacy and composure are what you hope for when you invite someone into this stressful but intimate environment. Our daughter, Lyla, decided to make an unexpected entrance 3 weeks early, and in the end, most of our prepared birth plan had to be forgotten. During early labor, Daphne taught Joe counterpressure measures to ease my discomfort with the contractions and she also made sure that both of us were eating and conserving energy. At the hospital, Daphne remained calm and helped clarify informaton from the doctors as unforseen concerns about Lyla’s heart came up. She waited for us during an emergency c-section and met us afterward to make sure I was recovering well, while Lyla was being taken care of in the NICU.

Daphne also came by the next day to help me with breastfeeding and see how Lyla was doing. We ended up needing to transfer hospitals the next day and Daphne also visited us there where she provided emotional and physical support as Lylas was still struggling in the NICU. When we all arrived home 10 days later she came by to finally meet Lyla and provide more breastfeeding tips, which became invaluable as breatfeeding is more difficult than I thought it would be.

We will always be grateful for Daphne’s professionalism and wonderful care she provided to help us enter the journey of parenthood!

Posted 4/17/2016



Daphne was the first Doula we interviewed and I knew right away that she was the doula for us! She was so sweet, kind and full of mommy knowledge! We planned on having an unmedicated birth at the WBWC and wanted to make sure that my partner and I had as much support as possible. Daphne provided us with great advice and information and helped to calm some of the fears and doubts of being first time parents.

When the big day arrived, I was able to labor at home as long as possible and then make the trek to the birthing center. Daphne was immediately at our side. She was a great addition to our labor team, instinctively knowing when to be involved and when to let my partner and I do our thing. Even though I had quite a few people in the room during my labor, I only saw my partner, making my experience peaceful and intimate.

My labor and delivery went better than I could have imagined, and I am so thankful for the part that Daphne played in making our dreams a reality.

Since the standard stay at the WBWC is less than 12 hours, we were home with our new born by the next morning. Talk about scary! I was beyond grateful to have Daphne come by within the next few days to check on us and see how our LO was breastfeeding. That to me was one of the best parts of her service and in hindsight I would definitely consider her post partum doula services.

Posted 3/8/2016



I received Daphne’s name from a Nurse Midwife at my OB’s office- which I knew was already a great sign. We met for an initial meeting and both my husband and I were so impressed that we didn’t bother looking for any other options. We were completely right not to do so. Daphne was a fantastic source of information, quick to repsond to email and texts (responding within minutes at 3 o’clock in the morning when I decided I was not in false labor), and an absolute miracle in the labor/delivery process.

Not only was she 100% available throughout my labor (all 36 hours of it!), she also met with us twice before our due date and once post-partum. I felt like I was her only client (though I know that I was not) at every stage.

I will be hiring her again when we decide to have baby #2.

Posted 3/7/2016



Daphne was the doula we never knew we wanted. My husband and I didn’t even know what a doula was at the beginning of our pregnancy. She made us both feel comfortable immediately. She provided just the right amount of contact leading up to the birth. She made an effort to get to know us and adjust her style to exactly what I needed. Daphne was with me every step of the way during the birth. It was a great help since my husband passed out during the intake process. They worked well together! A third of the way through the birth I had to decide whether to get an epidural and Daphne was extremely supportive and helped me calmly think through my options. One of my fondest memories is of her and my husband both resting (when I should have been!) shortly after my epidural. She even took on the role of photographer and got some special moments once my daughter arrived. I would hire Daphne again in a heartbeat.

Posted 3/6/2016



Making the decision to hire Daphne was one of the best things we did. As new parents we had no idea what to expect. Daphne was there for us every step of way and could easily answer all our questions and concerns. During early labor I felt as sense of calmness knowing she was on her way to our home, we were not alone!! Once at the hospital she knew exactly where to go, what to do, who to talk to! Once things got really intense she was there giving her support however it was needed. Daphne also took some amazing pictures of the birth!! We can’t thank Daphne enough for being their for before, during and after the brith to our beautiful little boy. I would and have recommended her to many friends!! Thanks Daphne you are awesome!!

Posted 2/19/2016



I knew I wanted to hire a doula based on my best friend’s labor delivery experiences–once with a doula and once without. I went to doulamatch and chose three doulas to interview. The three all seemed like they were great doulas but I ultimately chose Daphne because of the rapport we had.

I had planned to labor at home as long as possible and that Daphne would be there to help. When my water broke fairly early on, I was advised to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, when I got there, I found out I was only one centimeter dilated. With the support of Daphne and my husband, I walked the hospital halls and bounced on the birthing ball. My husband didn’t know what to do, but Daphne was ready with suggestions when she saw things that were and were not working for me.

Ten hours later, my contractions were not productive and I hadn’t progressed at all. I also wasn’t able to relax between my contractions. My will and commitment to have a drug free labor went out the window. Daphne was tremendously helpful about answering my questions and making sure I was comfortable with MY decision to get an epidural.

Although my labor did not go as planned, I am so happy with my labor experience, and I attribute a large portion of that satisfaction to Daphne. She helped me feel empowered in the decisions I was making, she provided useful information, and she helped make me feel better physically with massage and counter-pressure.

Other people were happy with Daphne being my doula support as well. My husband told me later that Daphne was worth every penny, and my labor team (labor nurse, midwife, ob, etc.) all said she was wonderful and they looked forward to working with her again!

Posted 1/26/2016



Daphne is amazing! From her pre-labor visits to the post-labor visit, she was always patient, thorough and available. We were both very nervous about the birth of our first child, but Daphne took the time to answer all of our questions and provided books and research which put us at ease. She helped us develop a detailed birth plan that we were able to share and review with our midwife and doctor to get everyone on the same page. Our last meeting before labor reviewed a series of pain management techniques which got me through a week of prodromal labor and a long labor in the hospital. Daphne empowered my husband to be able to help and comfort me during labor which was really important to him.

Daphne tirelessly advocated for us at the hospital and although my labor didn’t go to plan due to complications, I felt like my voice was heard and I had control over what was happening. Daphne was a wonderful part of my pregnancy and birth and I would highly recommend her to anyone getting ready to welcome a child.

Posted 1/22/2016



Daphne was a lifesaver in our whole birth experience. My baby came surprisingly early at 35 weeks and my husband and I were not prepared. We had taken our birth classes, read our books and done our research.. but ultimately Daphne is what helped us significantly through the whole process. Having a good support team behind you is important in labor and we felt Daphne was a huge contribution to our support system. She wasn’t just helpful to me, but also to my husband.. who wanted to help me through labor but was sometimes unsure of what to do or how to help. Daphne would recommend things to try, talk through decisions, and relieved both of our anxieties. She also helped me feel more comfortable with my decisions to use certain medications for pain relief or deciding to go forward with an epidural. Ultimately, we could not have done it without Daphne! She has a very calming presence that helped us through it all. We are so glad we chose her to be a part of this very important time!

Posted 1/17/2016



Daphne is a fabulous doula. She provided services for the birth of our first baby. We were able to have the natural birth we desired. I was able to labor at home as long as possible and deliver at the hospital. Her calm demeanor provided comfort and support for myself and my husband. Pain relieving counterpressure and guidance enabled me to endure labor with much more manageable contractions. Post-partum follow-up was also great when we had significant pain with breastfeeding. I am blessed to be in a much better place with nursing after just 4 weeks thanks to the professional referrals she provided . I highly recommend using a doula to support the birth plan of your choice. I know I will seek Daphne’s services without hesitation for any future pregnancies. Can’t say enough good things things about her!

Posted 9/14/2015



This being our first baby, my husband and I had very little experience with what a doula was and I am so grateful we met and hired Daphne! From meeting with us during our pregnancy to the birth itself, she helped prepare both my husband and I for that day. She respected all of our wishes and really advocated for us at the hospital and during delivery. My son came two weeks early and Daphne was immediately available to talk to while I was having contractions, especially not being sure if they were real or if they were too close or too far apart (what I thought was false labor and not realizing I would be having a baby a day later!). We had some minor complications where our expectations of a natural birth didn’t happen, but she helped to make it a great birth experience for both my husband and I regardless. We were so new to the experience that I would not have known what to do if she wasn’t there. Daphne provided guidance and suggestions to different positions (to the best of what I was limited to), used relief tactics to help me get through the contractions and encouraged me when I really needed it. She encouraged my husband and put him at ease throughout the whole process. We had an awesome experience and I would recommend without reservation for everyone to have her there! Whether your first baby or fourth, she exceeded our expectations!

Posted 9/9/2015



I enjoyed working with Daphne. I felt very comfortable with her and I appreciated her reassuring presance throughout the birthing process. One technique she used was very helpful during labor to help manage my pain. This was my fourth child, my first time using a doula, and my first completely natural birth. I think I might go ahead and use drugs next time, but I’m thankful to have had the experience and would definitely use a doula again. It was nice to have her there the whole time while my midwife was in and out and nurses often don’t step in to help very much.

Posted 9/3/2015



I am so glad that we hired Daphne as our birth doula. We knew we wanted to hire a doula as soon as we found out we were pregnant but finding the perfect match can definitely be a challenge. Daphne’s laid back, gentle and kind demeanour really put me at ease. From the moment we met Daphne, we felt that she would be the calming presence we would need in the birth room. My husband was especially happy with her continued support and assistance throughout the labor. He mentioned to me right after our son was born that he couldn’t imagine not having Daphne present because she was so helpful to him. We had a natural birth that lasted quite a while and Daphne was there every step of the way. She offered comfort measures, when needed, and she responded to my need for encouragement when I was feeling overwhelmed. Daphne was supportive throughout the whole process including after the birth (especially in regards to breastfeeding) and we couldn’t be more thankful for her!

Posted 7/1/2015

Christina and Brad


Daphne was the perfect fit to bring our little love into this world! We knew at our initial meeting that Daphne was vested in our birth. She spent a significant amount of time with us at each meeting with no sense of rushing through any questions or concerns we had. At every meeting she presented with a calm and confident nature and empowered us to take control of our birth experience while managing to have a sense of humor through every step of the birth process. We had some reservations about how to manage the birth of our son due to previous experiences with our first but she put our minds at ease. During labor, Daphne was calm and she comfortably worked herself into our environment. She managed to keep me calm during contractions while laboring at home and provided techniques to help my husband manage my pain. She provided us with the confidence to know that we were taking appropriate steps to aid in a natural and calm birth and helped us get to the hospital at an appropriate time to have our beautiful little guy with ease.

Posted 6/1/2015



I highly recommend Daphne Flowers as a birth doula! She was calm, very knowledgeable, and helped me achieve my ideal, unmedicated birth. She was an excellent listener and answered every question I had, keeping me informed with the facts when making important decisions. She came to my home when labor starting getting tough and helped me labor 3 more hours before going to the hospital. Once at the hospital, she kept me focused when the pain became unbearable and encouraged me when I wanted to give up. She was great support for me and my husband during the birth of our son and don’t know what we would have done without her!

Posted 5/28/2015



We feel truly honored and blessed to have had Daphne be an integral part of the birth of our baby girl. As a first time dad, it was wonderful to have Daphne’s help and support. Not only was she able to support my wife, she also helped me better support my wife throughout the entire process.

5 Reasons why Daphne is Awesome (from a Dad’s Point of View):

-Her presence did not eliminate my role in the birth, it enabled me to be completely immersed in the birth process and help my wife better than I ever could have imagined.
-She helped us discuss and explore all possible aspects of our birth and walked us through many of the different possibilities and how we could cope with the unexpected.
-She advocated for us every step of the way.
-Daphne has a great sense of humor and wonderful personality. Daphne was a great fit into our birth team, and had a wonderfully positive and cheerful attitude throughout all of it.
-She made sure that everyone present at the birth knew that no one was to announce the gender before my wife was able to take a look herself. As the gender of our baby was going to be a surprise for us, this was truly one of my wife’s top requests, and shows the great attention to detail and care Daphne put into ensuring that our birth followed our plan whenever possible.
If/when we add another member to our family, we hope to have Daphne be there for us again. Having been with us through such a wonderful experience, she truly feels like part of our extended family now!

Posted 5/3/2015



As first time parents we were so glad we chose Daphne as our Doula. Daphne took the time to really get to know us and worked with us to make sure we had all the necessary information to make great decisions regarding the birth of our child. With warm reassureance Daphne was always available to answer any of the questions that come with pregnancy and childbirth.

I cannot imagine going through pregnancy without a doula, and having her always made us feel like we had someone advocating for our baby. It was so comforting to have her in our home during the laboring process. Her expertise allowed us to feel much more comfortable in delaying going to the hospital and laboring comfortably at home. Although our delivery did not go as planned, we felt completely supported by Daphne every step of the way.

After our child was born Daphne immediately helped us with some initial lactation consulting, while assisting us in navigating the maze of early choices right after birth. She continues to be an amazing resource for making educated decisions regarding the health and well being of our family.

Daphne selflessly gives her time and knowledge and it is clear she cares about every couple she supports. We would recommend Daphne to any couple getting ready to have a child. We will definitely be using Daphne for #2!

Posted 4/4/2015



I knew Daphne was the doula for me from our first meeting! She has such a gentle nature and respectful energy. Daphne made me feel comfortable every step of the way and was happy to answer any pregnancy questions I had! My labor did not go as planned due to a health complication but with Daphne there supporting me and my husband, I was able to birth a healthy, robust little boy. Daphne showed that she was able to adapt to new challenges and never showed any tiredness after being with me for almost 24 hours. Overall, my stress and pain levels were far less because of Daphne And I will definitely use her again if/when there’s a #2!

Posted 3/8/2015



At 37 and a half weeks, I discovered that I was going to be induced. My OBGYN had been monitoring my blood pressure for a few weeks, but it had gone up to a dangerous level and they were now saying I had preeclampsia. My original doula was out of town for the Holidays, but she quickly lined up for Daphne to be my doula. I had only met Daphne briefly at a doula meet and greet. I started getting induced in the early afternoon. Daphne checked in with me frequently until she was able to arrive in person. This labor was very different from my first….all natural, able to labor at home with a doula, almost 2 weeks late. This labor I was on magnesium, had to lay on one side or the other to keep my blood pressure down, and could only get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I had an intense fear of laboring on my side as well as things leading to a C-section. Fortunately, Daphne had recently had a client that had been on magnesium who was able to have a vaginal birth. Her experience and knowledge definitely eased some of my fears and worries. As labor progressed, she provided some strategies to deal with labor pain (my favorite was grabbing onto a comb!) At 5cm, I did end up getting an epidural (I knew how this labor thing was going to go and I didn’t want to labor laying down) but Daphne had me talk through all my choices to make sure this is what I really wanted. Due to the magnesium, I did a lot of sleeping through my 30+ hours of labor. She provided my husband with company and allowed him to take breaks so he could take care of himself. We had doulas at both of our births. Both births were very different, but hiring a doula helped make both births the best possible experience for my husband, my baby, and myself.

Posted 3/7/2015



Daphne was our doula for the birth of our second child and she was amazing. I loved that she checked in with me to see how I was doing and how my midwife/OB appts. had gone. She helped me talk through concerns and gave me practical tips about how to talk with my care providers about my concerns. I was induced and Daphne was there from the time we checked in until just the right time after his birth. We had awhile to wait until labor kicked in. She helped us pass the time until my labor really took off and then she jumped right in with comfort measures. I really felt like she and my husband were my team. she helped me to feel comfortable using a number of different techniques. Second stage of labor was long with my first birth and I feared a repeat. Daphne knew just what to say to calm me at the beginning of pushing. We switched rooms and nurse while I was in transition due to an issue with our room! We ended up with the head nurse. Afterwards she told us we had the best doula and she hoped Daphne would come back for more births! It was a beautiful birth and I’m so grateful that Daphne was a part of our son’s birth. Daphne has definitely found her calling and I’m so glad we found her!

Posted 3/5/2015



Daphne was a great doula for us. She was with us every step of the way and was kind and ready when we finally gave her that middle-of-the-night phone call letting her know we were ready to go to the hospital. She eased the birthing process by sharing positions and keeping a cool damp cloth on my head the whole time. She helped my husband to feel confident in his role as birthing partner, and made us both feel more at ease because we knew we had a competent, experienced advocate in the delivery room. Our child birthing experience was 100% natural, and having Daphne there with us ensured we had the birthing experienice we wanted, safey and happily.

Posted 1/16/2015



Having come recommended by other area doulas, Daphne provided excellent support before, during, and after the birth of our first child. During our first phone call, we could tell that Daphne had the mix of skills we were seeking–a great listener, well-read on evidence-based decision making during the labor and delivery process, and an ability to work well with medical staff and keep us informed of what was happening and as “in control” as possible. As the days dragged on after my due date, Daphne was in close contact, helping me explore my options around induction and suggesting resources (she even supported me delaying until the latest possible date my OB practice would allow, even though it would have meant she’d spend Thanksgiving in the hospital with us rather than with her own family). During the labor process, Daphne was extremely responsive to my needs, trying one tactic after another until a few things really worked to keep me focused and as comfortable as possible. She also did little things I never would have known to ask for, like applying chapstick and feeding me water frequently. With Daphne’s support and a lot of luck, the birth experience went as close to plan as we could have hoped, and I was able to trust my support team and just be present in the work of labor until our daughter arrived. Even my husband, who was not originally sold on benefit of having a doula, was extremely grateful to have had Daphne present at the birth. On top of her physical and emotional support, the photos Daphne took of our first moments as a family are priceless. I recommend Daphne without reservation as a birth doula.

Posted 1/10/2015



Having Daphne Flowers as our doula for the birth of our son (first child) improved the experience greatly from meeting her to delivering. I loved how informed and easygoing she was and we enjoyed our time with her during the first two meetings. We especially liked the second meeting where she demonstrated all of the pain management methods that we were going to try. This was great because when I was actually in labor, I was already familiar with what to do, nobody was trying to teach me something new while I was in intense pain. Daphne was encouraging and my husband felt empowered by having her there as neither of us really knew what to expect. It’s so nice at the hospital to have your own team working with the delivery team. That feeling of support in the delivery room is so important to your overall experience. It means more when your encouragement comes from people you know and care about you. She and my husband worked together reminding me what to do nearly every contraction (you would think I would remember all the little things eventually) and she remained incredibly patient through the whole experience. This kept me from experiencing any needless anxiety thus helping me accomplish my goal of a drug-free and intervention free birth. Overall, having Daphne on my team gave me the confidence I needed to have an amazing birth and I highly recommend you choosing her for your comfort and your partner’s as well!


Posted 10/27/2014


Daphne was our doula for our second son’s birth. My first labor ended with a C-section, and I wanted to try as hard as I could for a VBAC for my second. We met with Daphne and felt like she was a great match for us with her VBAC background and her calm mannerisms. During our initial meeting and our two prenatal appointments she took as much time as we needed to discuss VBAC, labor positions, and answer any questions that we had. She also lent me several recommended readings for natural childbirth. Leading up to my labor she was always quick to answer any question that I had and provided encouragement when I would send her my status updates after each doctor appointment. My labor was extremely fast and my son was almost born at home! Daphne arrived quickly, remained calm, and kept clear headed during all of the chaos! When we realized we would not make it to our intended hospital, she helped us decide which of the closer hospitals would be more supportive of my VBAC situation and suggested we call the paramedics to get there via ambulance. During all of this commotion, she was coaching me through contractions and my urge to push and performing a double hip squeeze to help me manage the pain all while answering the paramedic’s questions about my pregnancy and VBAC wishes. Once we arrived at the hospital, Daphne’s calm presence during the chaotic transfer to labor and delivery helped me focus on my breathing and pushing. She talked me through the pushing process and had the presence of mind to take pictures immediately after our son was born, capturing our first precious moments that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. After our son’s birth, she was extremely helpful with some breastfeeding startup challenges, and at our postpartum visit helped us fill in gaps of the labor and delivery that we had forgotten or missed. We would highly recommend Daphne and will hire her again without hesitation if we have a third child!


Posted 10/21/2014


We had a great experience with Daphne. From leading up to the birth to the birth itself, she helped prepare both my husband and I and respected all of our wishes. She was thorough in providing us with information and answering any questions we had. We had the opportunity to take childbirth classes with her and found this super helpful to get to know her better, better prepare us and to really establish a solid foundation for the birth. I had a great birth experience and know that Daphne was a huge part of that. I experienced back labor and had a compound presentation (hand came out with the head) and, with her help, was able to deliver naturally, as planned. She worked magic during contractions (no seriously, her and my husband were pulling out moves that made contractions 100x easier to power through); was a great support for my husband and I, whether it was grabbing water or providing relief; and helped me navigate the labor process. As someone that felt like I had done as much as I could to prepare, it was still something I couldn’t fully prepare for. However, I felt that Daphne provided guidance when wanted and provide suggestions of different positions and relief tactics and really empowered me. She was very encouraging and made both my husband and I feel at ease throughout the whole process. She was also a great support for my husband and empowered him to be a phenomenal support person and made it so that he never had to leave my side. I am so thankful that we had her at our birth. I always thought I’d only use a doula for my first birth but we will definitely be using her for our next birth!


Posted 9/12/2014


Daphne was wonderful to work with!! She was always caring, accessible, knowledgeable and resourceful (utilizing her network of practitioners). Her methods of soothing pain management worked beyond belief. Her bag of “goodies” was a lifesaver during my 29 hour labor!! Even though my husband was a rock star Daphne was invaluable throughout the entire process.


Posted 8/30/2014


My wife and I are first time parents as of July 31, 2014! After a lot of research we decided to attempt to have the most natural birth process possible with as little intervention as possible with the midwives at UNC. We knew that the additonal support of an experienced doula would not only help us make better real-time decisions but also ensure that my wife had rock-solid support. We used this site to interview several doulas and hired Daphne for her upbeat personality, straight-forward communciation style and passion for the low-intervention birth and natural childcare.

We also needed a birthing class and felt that time would best be spent also getting to know our doula. Daphne, who is an experienced educator, provided an excellent personal class at our home. She used a lot of different media during the class to keep our attention and give better perspective including short videos, games and hand-on demonstrations. I will never forget squeezing a piece of ice in my fist for an extended period of time, the sensation of which represented the intense pressure felt as the baby moves down the birth canal. Given how poorly I did at that exercise, I remain in awe of how well my wife did during the actual experience.

After our initial doula meetings and birthing class with Daphne we felt prepared and confident going into the birth. Daphne was by our side the whole time helping my wife change positions and stay as comfortable as possible. Her steady support and encouragement played a huge part in allowing my wife to stick to our lowest-intervention birth plan. Going this route gave us an amazing birth experience. My wife is my hero and Daphne should be at top of everyone’s list when looking to hire a doula.


Posted 8/16/2014


We were new to the idea of a doula, once we met with Daphne we just knew she was a great fit for us! She was easy going, great to talk to, and felt like a long time friend. We also chose her because of her background knowledge of lactation.

On one of the Daphne’s visits to our home she went over the different laboring positions, asked tons of questions to get to know us better and made sure to answer all of our questions. She was also very helpful will any questions that came up later (email/text). She also helped us put together a birth plan.

When I went into labor I wasn’t sure if it was labor or not. I contacted Daphne around midnight and she was there guiding me and around 3am I finally decided it was time for her to come over and help us. As this was our first baby and I have chronic back pain it was hard to guage when I should go to the hospital so after about another hour at home we decided to head to the hospital. Daphne was great and went into triage with me and asked questions and advocated for me the entire time. Once in the labor and delivery room Daphne was great with working along side the nurses and my husband to help me. We had planned for a natural birth but due to how fast I was dilating (went from 5cm to 8cm in less than 1 hr) I wanted help, so we went with IV meds (no epidural). This helped me to relax more between contractions. Daphne didn’t try to push us in any direction for/against meds, she made sure it was our decision. She also helped let us know that the physical changes I was experiencing were good signs that baby would soon arrive. About a week after our daughter was born Daphne stopped by our home for a visit to check on me and the baby and helped with more questions that we had as new parents.

We felt that having Daphne at our labor and delivery was the best decision we made. Having her there to guide us and give us suggestions made it easier for us to not have an epidural.

My husband and I both agree that we loved having Daphne help us!


Posted 5/3/14


I’ve never met anyone who regretted their doula. I’ve met tons of people who have regretted not having a doula, and after my first birth, I fell into that category. So, when I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I discovered Daphne, and now I am one of those people who swear that having her was worth every single penny, and I can’t imagine having gone through labor without her. If we have a third child, I’ll be calling her up immediately. Daphne came to our house, and she was very knowledgeable and sensitive and kind, and if I had any questions, I could call her or email her and guarantee that she’d do the research and go above and beyond to help answer my questions and concerns. She is very intuitive about needs, and this is essential in a doula, because during the chaos of labor and recovery, you need someone who knows you and your concerns and can sense what information you are seeking in order to feel less stress. My husband and I live far from family, and we have a two year old. Shortly after birth, I was told that my daughter was likely to have a lung or heart problem and needed to be rushed by ambulance from Duke Regional to Duke because of their NICU. By this point, it was the middle of the night, and my husband had to leave to go home with our two year old. Had it not been for Daphne, I would have been completely alone. She rode with me in a separate ambulance to Duke, and I am so grateful she was there! She wheeled me down to NICU to see my daughter hooked up to all sorts of things for the first time, and I had to hold her arm just to stand up and steady myself physically and emotionally. This was not part of the birth plan, and yet, this is how my birth went, and I needed Daphne in ways that had never crossed my mind. She stayed with me all night and the next day until my husband was able to return to the hospital. After I came home, she checked on me and offered more excellent support with postpartum concerns. I’m so thankful we hired her!


Posted 7/28/2014


I recently gave birth to my 3rd daughter, and had an amazing birth experience, and my doula Daphne was a wonderful source of support in so many ways!

Before the birth, Daphne & I discussed my two main goals… to have a non-medicated birth even though I was going to have a planned induction at 41 weeks (the baby was fine, but I have a history of going to 43 weeks so I chose to be induced) and to as much as possible minimize interventions and if possible avoid pitocin (a pretty big goal given I was being induced!)

My induction did take some time, because my midwives were not “rushing” me since the baby was doing well. The birth plan that Daphne helped me write helped keep me & the midwives on the same page, and they offerered low-intervention ways to get labor going. Daphne was with us throughout the entire experience, and was so helpful as I faced various decision points about what step to take next. She also helped me cope with early labor.

Thirty-six hours in I was 6 cm dilated, and I needed to decide whether to have my water broken, wait longer or start pitocin. I looked at Daphne and remembered that she had talked about how she loved supporting women during very active labor, and I knew she had her “bag of tricks” of comfort measures. I felt confident that breaking my water would get the active phase of labor started for me, and my baby in my arms. So, feeling confident in her ability to provide support & help with pain management, I said yes to breaking my water.

After my water broke, labor became incredibly intense, but Daphne & my husband were there for me. Daphne was able to provide pressure on my back (and helped coach my husband to do this also) and helped me move into various positions. After 3 hours of labor and a short time pushing, my baby was born! Daphne provided the support I needed to have my unmedicated, induced labor (no pitocin, at all!) I very highly recommend her!

I am amazed at her stamina and willingness to stay with me for 2 nights and then how she was able to jump in and help me so well during active labor. So thankful for her help!


Posted 5/1/14


This was my second birth and I couldn’t have been happier to have had Daphne as my doula!  I was aiming for a VBAC this time around and having both her doula expertise plus knowledge from her own personal experiences was extremely helpful!  I definitely would not have made it as far as I did without her help and support.  She was very easy to get in contact with when I had several questions for her once my labor had started and was ready to meet me on a moments notice, and she did!  Although my birth did result in another c-section, I couldn’t have been happier with how the entire birth experience went, especially compared to my first, and I credit Daphne to a lot of that!  Thank you Daphne!


Posted 11/24/2013

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